Every project presents it’s own unique challenges. That’s why MSL meets with you to determine a project’s complexity and the best way to approach it.

Establishing lines of communication with the landowners and regulatory authorities is crucial. And our job isn’t finished once agreements are in place, either. MSL continues to monitor the project to resolve landowner issues when they occur.

By assigning one of our agents as your single point of contact throughout the project, we ensure the right person is familiar with all aspects and guides your project to a successful conclusion.

Our services include:

  • Availability studies and acquiring free hold mineral rights.
  • Crown applications, including Aboriginal and First Nation consultation.
  • Acquisition of surface rights on both private and public lands.
  • Surface rights board applications and hearing attendance.
  • Public consultation and notification with respect to AER directives.
  • Regulatory hearings and public information sessions.
  • Administration of third party requests and consents.
  • Rental reviews, in accordance with applicable legislation.
  • Environmental field reports.
  • Investigating and settling damage claims.
  • Notification requirements for Directive 56 and 60.
  • Directive 35 consultation.
  • Assisting in file design and administration.
  • Reclamation site reviews.
  • Land sale bids.
  • Acquisition of Utility Rights of Way for power lines.
  • Utility work for regulated companies.

Upstream Oil & Gas

 MSL Land has been successfully acquiring Surface Rights to oil and gas sector for over 30 years. Our team is always evolving with the ever changing environment that we work in, to ensure the success of our past, present and future relationships. Read More >>

Midstream Oil & Gas

MSL Land has been working with midstream oil and gas companies since the late 80’s.  Whether it is for taking of new Rights of Way or a Proactive integrity program our staff have the expertise to complete the project in the most cost effective way. Read More >>

Transmission and Distribution

MSL Land has extensive knowledge in working with regulated companies and working within a cost structure that needs to be diligently adhered to.  We know what it takes to be successful under these conditions. Read More >>

Renewable Energy

MSL Land strives to be a leader in renewable energy.  As the country looks to clean alternatives our management, field agents and land analysts are constantly educating each other on methods to stay ahead of the ever changing industry. Read More >>

Acquisitions & Divestitures and Contract Staffing

MSL Land has helped company’s complete A & D projects ahead of schedule and budget since we began offering this service.  Whether the project requires one, five or ten analysts we have candidates in place or pre-vetted, this enables us to assemble the team that will work best in the given situation. Read More >>


MSL land is able to offer environmental services to our clients through strategic partnerships forged over time.  Whether pre planning or reclamation and remediation, land and environmental go hand in hand, we can help simplify the process. Read More >>